Following the current struggle of the Tanzania Institute of Bankers to liaison with other institutions for the it's benefits and members at all as we witnessed the signing of MoU with open university of Tanzania, collaboration with Tanzania Bankers Association, TMRC and many others.
My humble request to the institute is to utilize health relationship with Tanzania Bankers Association as core organisation that brings bankers together to allow CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL BANKERS to write business plan for customers seeking loans from financial institutions rather than depending CPA holders with Auditing firms.
This will not only increase opportunity for bankers of not depending on direct bank employment but also increased motivation for many others to pursue the programme hence increasing students and associate members.

Your warmly welcome for more views and suggestions.
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Well said mtoa has reached to a point where there must be a huge difference between  a CPB Holder and other normal qualifications in a banking sector. TiOB an TBA must stipulate roles   and responsibilities done by only CPB Holder that not any other qualification holder will be allowed to certify except them. Also these CBP holder should allowed to own a Professional stamp that will identify his work.

In banks there are many areas that we CPB Holder we are capable of doing. Eg  Security inspection, and others operation compliance, it's not must to prepare a business plan as for CPA holder , there are many things to do.

What we need is mandate of doing like any other Professional practice

Hiki ndio kilio chetu cha miaka yote, tofauti na hapo tutazidi kukimbiza upepo tu but No recognition.

By Ngazi GR ( ACPB)
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It is refreshing to see at least 1 (one) out of more than 1,000 TIOB Associate Members are speaking up about what they want from TIOB. 

Let us hope that some day soon the other 900 plus TIOB Associate Members will find their voice! 
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