Have you seen the TIOB November 2017 Exams results? 

How is is the general perfomance says to you? Are we improving on having more competent and well trained banker in the industry? 

Please share your views.... #BeCertified 
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Johnson Robert
On my point of view i think we ar improving compare to the past few years. Also  awareness  from both freshers student (degree/diploma) and bank staff ar still increasing from day to day. 
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we need a general performance,
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The CPB pass rate seems to be improving for the last two sessions. Banking Certificate students however seem to be producing a lower pass rate. Discussion forums Kama hizi ni za muhimu kwa Banking Certificate candidates kwasababu Banking seems to be new to them. 
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I think we are improving but there are some areas need more improvement. The area of Training need to be improved as much as we can...the pass rate is not encouraging for some of the subjects something we need to put a question mark......
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@dickson.eliahu have you recently taken TIOB exams? What was your experience? Or maybe kuna mtu unamjua ambaye amefanya? What was their experience?
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